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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi Rick,

I think I’m the first person to say it, but option 1 all the way.

1) You don’t yet know if you can get a single customer, let alone enough for a business. Tick that box before investing any money, let alone $20k.
2) People don’t buy because you have a buusiness card or a fancy website. They’ll buy if you can genuinely help them with a better or cheaper product. You don’t truly know if you can help them until you talk to them.
3) Talking to 20 potential customers will help you to figure out where the opportunity really is. Which products they want, which customer types (industry) are most receptive. Once you identify it, you can target your business and branding at this opportunity more directly. But you haven’t had those conversations yet, so as of today you’re only guessing.

When you talk to each new prospect, your biggest weapon won’t be your business card it’ll be what you learnt from the previous prospect, and each time improving your ability to talk about their problem and your solution. This is how you’ll gain credibility, not the window dressing of logos and websites.

Get business cards, no problem if they give you some confidence for under $100. But later when you invest in a website, you want to be building it for a business that you know has legs, not for an unproven idea.

Good luck and let us know how you go. :)