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Interesting thread. I am also looking forward to the replies.

$2 mil turnover businesses are normally at least 3 to 5 years old unless it has changed hands and new owners are relatively new to business. These businesses would be relatively matured and wouldn’t worry too much about outsourcing receptionist/admin assistant. Because that role would be one of the important roles in their business. They already figured out/ established their market and will have regular clients. They would grow through word of mouth or customers normally search them out. Miss Sassy’s reply is relevant in terms of making yourself available where these businesses are. You will need to dig them out (research).

If your cut that number further – Their revenue would be $35k per week or $1500 to $2000 per day. This will be highly dependent on the type of business. For example if you look at restaurants or bars, yes some of them may have this kind of revenue. I am thinking on average every customer would spend at least $20 – $30 when they visit a restaurant or bar – on average there will be easily about 70 customers per day. Or take some other type of store and derive at their revenue by doing the maths.

My guess would be a lot of wholesale businesses would come in this category. Depends on the industry you can advertise or market based on where they look for services.