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I definitely agree with the above. Entrepreneurs would be ideal target for you, especially because they tend to want to do everything themselves. When they eventually seek help they tend to look online first, i.e., virtual.

LinkedIn is definitely a good option, and even networking events. I think it is really important to ensure you know your target. As mentioned above as well, sometimes the $2m+ annual revenue seems like already established businesses and they would probably already have established admin staff.

Also, try some blogging. Start a blog on your website, or even look for business publications and do a blog for them to promote benefits of having a virtual assistant. Ensure your name/company name is there. You’ll be perceived as a specialist in the industry and could garnish new leads.

Think about striking up a relationship and establish a partnership with business consultants, they could potentially have clients that could seriously benefit from a virtual assistant. Just make sure you can find something mutual beneficial for you both.