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Ryinth, post: 210714 wrote:
I’ve had a couple of clients (I’m a web developer) who want apps, and I turn around and ask them all the same question: how many apps do you use in a normal day? That immediately stops most of them from pursuing it further.

I know for myself, my app usage is pretty well confined to Audible, Facebook and Kindle – I don’t order food or services through an app, I jump onto my computer for that.

Ok, so because you don’t use app’s they shouldnt be developed. Interesting if you look at the Play store or the apple one, there are heaps of apps, and if you look at the stats on them there are 1000’s of downloads. Thats like me saying I don’t use product X, therefor I recommend to my clients they also don’t need it.

I am aware of at least 2 small business’s who have had app’s developed and they are bringing in an additional imcome stream for their business.