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MatthewKeath, post: 210730 wrote:
What apps did the people you know have developed? How did it get them new business?

One was a productivity app which they developed based on their own business model, and than threw it out there and last I heard they already had over 5000 downloads, not a heap, but the feedback they were getting was that with a few improvements, it had a possibility to go further.

The other was a game, which the small business has taken a fir bit of income from downloads, totally unrelated to their primary business, but it doesnt have to be, a good small business is one that doesnt just look in their own space but looks outside of that, and takes it further

But based on the comments above neither of these apps would have gone past square one, because you as a developer would have said why would a small business want it. Small business is often taking risks, and trying something beyond the scope of your job title.

MatthewKeath, post: 210730 wrote:
While there are many apps that have been downloaded 1000’s of time as you say, how many of these are small business?

Good question, but does it matter how many are small business’s, if its 1% or 10% those small business’s have taken the step, and looked at the options. Now none of them may be making money, or all of them could be. I guess are you saying that app development should only be the domain of the big boys. Or the wrst case if its currently 0%, why shouldnt that figure go up.

That being the case why should there be independent web developers (like yourself), or independent Garden maintenance business’s. App development does not have to be just a game for the big boys, a lot of small business people have ideas, background and better bussiness sense to be able to put together a good app and I dont mean by that they do the actual development, but they can outsource it to people such as yourself to do the work based on there concepts and user requirements. Why do we keep thinking small business is not capable, small business people are capable, and often come from backgrounds which gives them a lot of knowledge and understanding of how things operate.

My rant for the day, but sorry small or micro business have a lot to offer this space.