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bb1, post: 210746 wrote:
One was a productivity app which they developed based on their own business model, and than threw it out there and last I heard they already had over 5000 downloads, not a heap, but the feedback they were getting was that with a few improvements, it had a possibility to go further.

The other was a game, which the small business has taken a fir bit of income from downloads, totally unrelated to their primary business, but it doesnt have to be, a good small business is one that doesnt just look in their own space but looks outside of that, and takes it further

But based on the comments above neither of these apps would have gone past square one, because you as a developer would have said why would a small business want it. Small business is often taking risks, and trying something beyond the scope of your job title..That’s an utterly ridiculous statement, even from you.

In both cases I would have asked the questions, got good answers, and then had a meeting with them and my developer. Then if the price was ok we would have built the app.