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JohnTranter, post: 210753 wrote:
Both your examples appeared to be side projects rather than related to the business. Is that right?

No the first one was actually directly related to the business, they saw an oportunity, and developed for themselves, with a potential view of taking it further which they since have. unfortunately they had to take it OS to get developed because like the comments here, it was assumed small business should not have app’s.

JohnTranter, post: 210753 wrote:
However, when a small business asks for an App and can’t give a good business reason to have one, it’s hard to take their money.


I didnt know as a service provider it is up to us to decide if a client has a good business reasons to purchase our services or a product suppliers product, sure we can ask and maybe suggest, but at the end of the day it is their decision.

This brings me back to when I started my business, before I had a single client, I went out and purchased sepcific equipment worth well over $20,000, was it up to me to justiry my purchase to the supplier, was it their decision to decide if I needed it. No that was my decision,