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bb1, post: 210759 wrote:
No the first one was actually directly related to the business
They’re a productivity company? Some sort of business coaching?

bb1, post: 210759 wrote:
I didnt know as a service provider it is up to us to decide if a client has a good business reasons to purchase our services or a product suppliers product, sure we can ask and maybe suggest

That’s the point, we’re usually suggesting better uses of their money? I can’t imagine the phone call you think we have.
“You want an app? How big is your business? Small business? Sorry, no app for you!”

Normally the questions are along the lines of :
What do you want to achieve?
Who are you trying to reach?
How do they access the app?

Much like a car salesman will point a commuting customer to a petrol efficient car, or a lawnmower salesman will steer a customer away from a ride-on-mower if they have a tiny lawn.
Providing a service should be as much about making a customer happy as it is about making money.