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Hi Dude with barely any money :)

1. Not really on both questions there

2. Not really on this one either for similar reasons to #1

OEM is extremely tricky with China due to laws and the likes and you have no control, repeat NO CONTROL, over stock or distribution if you are here and if you don’t ‘own’ or have the funds to ensure stock is not on sold.

Many times I have been advisor to ‘small’ clients importing small quantites of stock or stock on hand and the likes with an expectation that a manufacturer in China cherishes this ‘relationship’ and overlooks the fact that they are in it for cold hard cash and if your item (OEM or not) could be sold to another buyer in bulk I could nearly 150% guarantee it will be sold even if they ‘promised’ you try will not.

All the best

rishflab, post: 210691 wrote:
Is there anyone who has experience getting a product manufactured in China, warehoused and shipped when required. Manufacture will involve plastic injection molding, PCBs and assembly.

1. What if the company doesn’t deliver the product. Does a non-chinese citizen with minimal funds stand a chance taking legal action. Is it even worth it

2. What if they manufacture my design and sell it themselves. Even if I make them sign NDAs etc. As a dude with barely any money, do I really have a chance when it comes to legal action? Is it worth the risk?

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