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I think you can sit down and play the “What if..” game over and over and what it means is that you will never get to the next stage.

It’s not a game of what if, it is a process of identifying your concerns and overcoming them to a level that makes you comfortable. And if you cannot mitigate the risks to a satisfactory level, then don’t go any further.

For example, to answer your questions, you basically have no chance of getting your money back or getting legal satisfaction if something goes wrong. You can either stop there or you can accept that there will always be some risk and do enough research to satisfy yourself that your proposed supplier will be reliable. Then you decide if you are willing to accept that risk. If not, walk away.

There are thousands of successful transactions being completed with Chinese manufacturers every day, and you can practically do anything you want, but you never hear about them.

I generally agree with the comments of Mr HarryLuke, but I differ slightly in that I have quite often been told I cannot access a product because the mold or design belongs to someone else, or that they cannot sell because someone else “owns’ that territory I want to sell into. But that often doesn’t stop another manufacturer from having a very similar product, so it isn’t necessarily going to be your supplier who diddles you.