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Johny, post: 210752 wrote:
I generally agree with the comments of Mr HarryLuke, but I differ slightly in that I have quite often been told I cannot access a product because the mold or design belongs to someone else, or that they cannot sell because someone else “owns’ that territory I want to sell into. But that often doesn’t stop another manufacturer from having a very similar product, so it isn’t necessarily going to be your supplier who diddles you.

Johny (LOL)

Does this mean that you dont agree with me on this occasion, i am shattered :(

Nah just kidding, i agree with your whole heartedly but read his questions numbered 1 and 2 again.. The OP is asking “What if” this or that happens and proposes that the event of on selling or being ill treated (product ownership) has already taken place… That is why my answers where a resounding CANT DO A THING cos it has already happened..

Q1: What if the company doesn’t deliver the product can i take successful legal action – NOPE

Q2: What if they manufacture my design and sell it themselves, can i take legal action – NOPE

Well, to not much effect that is…

Only say this as i would hate for you not to see my reasoning behind the replies Johny, i am rarely short although in my eyes the 2 questions posed are resoundingly no. But i am open for correction.


Edit** Johny, overlook me I see you are addressing my comment about being on sold to other buyers – it’s good to see you deal with reputable manufacturers and is potentially a key benefit of someone new utilising a service such as yours :)

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