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Couple It, post: 210703 wrote:
Yes, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t you just ship it when ready? I wouldn’t warehouse products in China, or any other country, if I’d paid for them.

Not an issue if you ship the order when ready

You won’t be able to stop them doing this if that’s what they decide, but working with an established and reputable manufacturer, building a relationship with them, and going to meet them, can certainly help prevent this.

Wendy :)

I’m looking to manufacture a large quantity and sell it when a customer orders. It seems wasteful to ship it all the way here and then ship from internationally.

Another problem that might occur is injection molder decides to up the price for the next production run despite contractual obligation and I can’t do anything sitting here in Australia. I am thinking going down the international legal action path is a lose-lose situation at a small business level. Even if I win the case, how much time will it take to resolve, how much money will it cost etc…

I am seriously considering injection molding in Australia. Curious as too how much extra it will cost.