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rishflab, post: 210691 wrote:
Is there anyone who has experience getting a product manufactured in China, warehoused and shipped when required. Manufacture will involve plastic injection molding, PCBs and assembly.

1. What if the company doesn’t deliver the product. Does a non-chinese citizen with minimal funds stand a chance taking legal action. Is it even worth it

2. What if they manufacture my design and sell it themselves. Even if I make them sign NDAs etc. As a dude with barely any money, do I really have a chance when it comes to legal action? Is it worth the risk?


New product development can be very challenging when the quantities are low as Chinese factories dont really like changes (even minor ones on their existing products sometimes). However, they are flexible as long as the quantities permit, therefore finding supplier support with limited quantities can be a huge issues.

1. When payment amount is small. Contracts are a good tool for basic problem solving and assigning responsibility, however, when things go wrong or if a supplier is less than ethical, it is not really pursuing legal action for anything less than $50,000 USD (As a minimal starting point). Also, if you feel you may need to end up taking legal action, its important that the contract is in Chinese and not English as English contracts have little value in Chinese courts.

2. You really need to find an ethical supplier and hope for the best. There are little pressure stratgies you can use, but you really need to be on the ground in China for this. Even Apple & Samsung cant stop copycats, so it is not really worth investing too much effort in worrying about copycats, although if your invention is unique enough a patent and TM can go a long way. Focus should be on building a brand so you can command a premium despite copycats and at the same time on innovation, i.e. bringing new updated versions of the product regularly. (with a different supplier if your original supplier leaked the design).

Good Luck.