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I guess, if you work smarter you get things done in shorter time than when you just work harder.

Let’s just take a silly example where you want an answer to 5 x 75, if you are good you would do the maths in your head and produce 375. Easy. You can use a calculator. Or if you want to go the hard work route you might as well add 75+75+75+75+75. So, you get the same result but you know what I mean!

Because you are smart (you knew the maths) doesn’t mean you are lazy. It only means you can finish the work faster (expert) and left with free time. It is up to you to utilize that free time more productively. Yes, it is possible that some people might laze around.

It is applicable to any profession. It you are a seasoned marketer then obviously it is easy for you to advise on marketing or devise a marketing campaign better than a layman who goes through google and come up with a marketing campaign.