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Dan Lawson , post: 210807 wrote:
I’ve decided to learn more about Facebook Advertising and decided to Boost a Facebook Album of an event our Photo Booth was installed at.

Here’s the album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.340323319497275.1073741852.326624924200448&type=1

I’ve started at $14.00 over 7 days to see how this ad fares. Facebook pages are set up to make money for their company. The fans of your page are unlikely to see your content unless you pay facebook to reach out.

Can let you know how the ad works out over the next few days if you would like!


Dan Lawson

That’s awesome :D

I had some thoughts that you may like. Firstly, considering that this album is a PPC campaign, having “Please Like the Page to Tag the Photos!” as the first line of copy is not ideal. I thought it was just some photos from an event until i really tried to figure out what you were trying to promote. I would suggest having something that quickly describes the service as the first line of copy. This would be better: “Get the Prop & Pose Co. photo booth at your next event and give your guests something fun to remember and a physical strip they can keep and cherish.”

Generally you have too much copy there i think. It’s a bit confusing. You want to quickly describe what it is and the benefits, which you did and then give a clear call to action. Keep it simple :)

Secondly, the photos are great and really good for a campaign like this. What would really add to this is the experience of getting a photo done in the photo booth and getting and holding the photo strip. So it could be just a photo of some of the guys looking at the photo strip or a photo from the side of people getting photos done with the photo booth set up in shot. OR even better an awesome video showing the experience :)

Anyway, hope that help, because this has a lot of potential, just needs some polishing.