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roguekiwi, post: 210742 wrote:
Hi – I am looking to post some items internationally – they should fit within the dimensions of the Aus Post letter (less than 30cm by 20cm by 2cm).

However when I went to post one this morning I guess it was maybe 1mm too thick (it didn’t easily fall through their measuring tool) – though if she had of squished it or pulled it through slightly I am sure it would have fit – and the cost ballooned from around $7 to $14.

This really kills my margins – is there any alternative? did I just get a bad employee?

No you got a good employee, if it doesnt fit within the guidelines it should be charged at the higher rate. They are doing there job as far as looking after Australia Posts interests.

Having said that I use a Post office where I know they will look after the custimer and let something a bit over thru, they are technically the bad employee for not looking after the interests of there employer / Licensee. But from my perspective they are the best