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ShellysBookkeeping, post: 210804 wrote:

If you are referring to the small Xero plan that has a limited number of transactions, then I think you will find they mean bank transactions. So 1 bill paid from your account is 1 transaction. Similarly 1 invoice paid with money going into your bank account is 1 transaction. Look at your most recent bank statement and count the number of lines is probably the easiest way to know if it will suit you.

Depending on your needs there are Xero cash books subscriptions available only through Xero partners. These don’t have transaction limits, but they don’t include bills and invoicing.


Hi Shelly,
Thanks so much for the response. I am actually asking more about invoicing on a per transaction basis. I’ve never invoiced in this manner before, but this is what the client wants. What would you consider ‘a transaction’ to be in terms of invoicing?