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Andrew86, post: 210824 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I am looking into the idea of starting up a part-time mowing business. At the moment I work a 2 week on/off roster, which means I have 9-10 business days free during my time off. At the moment my partner and I have bought some acerage and as such, need to invest in a proper ride on mower and this is what got me thinking.

Is it unreasonable to spend that little bit extra (3-4k) to get a commercial quality mower and try and earn some cash in my time off – I have all the other basic gear required. I haven’t delved too deep into what the market is like where I live, but there is a lot of new housing being developed, plenty of 1 acre lot suburbs around.

Should I be putting up some expressions of interest to see whether people would be interested in my services.

Any help, guidance or criticism would be great.


The big issue I can see about it being part time, in the way your roster works, is periods such as spring when clients may want weekly mows, now you may be lucky and not get them, but on average for my mowing clients I have 3 or 4 that want weekly, and as you can gues they are my better clients.

The other obstacle could be depending on where in this wide land you live in if you got hot with a week of rain just in the period you were home, you than cant bump the jobs into the next week as you are off doing your normal job. Some guys/gals wouldnt see that as a problem, because they would just mow in the rain, I must be showing my age because I refuse to mow in the rain, plus I also find that the job is not as good, and I dont like leaving a dodgy job.

When I say these are problems or obstacles, dont take that as a don’t do it, because I think it is a good option for you based on the info provided, but you need to keep those 2 things in mind when sourcing clients, I would loose a $20k per year clinet if I couldnt service the property evry week during certain periods. In your case just don’t take that client and refer them to me..LOL

As for the ride on, I previously owned acreage, and my suggestion if you are going to do it commercially or just for yourself, spend a bit more, the cheap ones are exactly that, and you can save the extra money in maintenance as well as time saving.