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1911naomi, post: 210836 wrote:
Hi Jason,

Thanks for the feedback as per always:)

This is the first time i have started a business or even looked into it so its hard too prioritise everything in the right order but this is a learning curve.

It has also been hard to get exact measurements and weights up until now to get exact quotes. The gift box is being made to my design and i just received a sample of it today therefore put all weights/measurements together.

Anyway lots of could of and should of along the way but my main Questions are

1) Any other ideas for postage that I’m overlooking
2) How do other people (with small business) feel when their postage is half the product costs
3) for people that send their cardboard gift boxes in satchels does it cause damage

I have only received the color samples of the sets so i can give the go ahead on colors and also one gift box to give the go ahead on that too.

Once approval given shipment will still be another 4-6weeks away until bulk is made and shipped.


Hi Naomi,

Just my thoughts.

Will people pay half the postage – , I currently sell itmes on Ebay averaging $12.50, and than I add $7.95 postage ($7.45 Oz post and 50 cents for the packaging). The product is light so I do offer that they can purchase up to 6 for the same postage, so my thinking would be that most people would buy more than one, just to minimise the average postage. But no i get a 50/50 split of single purchases to multiples. So to answer your question yes people will happy pay more than half in postage.

I have tried the satchels, in fact my first couple I sent to myself (ok yes that is strange), but I found that the boxes inside would be damaged in some way, and to me if you are getting special gift boxes made up, you don’t want them damaged it is not a good look, and I am assuming that you are using the gift box as a selling point, which could be a reason for your clients to complain if they are damaged.

I suppose my question is, do you need the gift box, ok its a selling point, but are the customers after the set and the box will just be thrown in the bin anyhow. If you think they dont really need the gift box there are some good quality cardboard boxes avaible, just weighed one off mine and it comes in at under 90g, its not the same dimensions as you need but the cubic capacity is about the same, so one with your dimensions would be a similiar weight. If you are keen on keeping the gift box, than you fall in the next category, and I would also be interested if anyone else comes up with cheaper solutions as a few of my items fall over the magical 500g. Any I have looked at other options which are potentially but have found they have limited distribution areas or other limitations which I dont like.

My 2 cents