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Hey Naomi

Sorry, i wasnt picking on you :) at all.. i promise..

Sounds like you have come so far in the last few months, its great to have watched this progress – especially now it is all so imminent.

Hard for me to answer specifically, although i will try put on a business hat and a consumer hat for your queries.. and note, have had quite an extensive exposure to postage of items throughout Australia and i still pull my hair out every time my items dont match the ‘standards’ of Australia Post and i get {self edited before admin ban me. LOL} &#*(ed by AusPost.

1. No, sounds like you have covered most grounds.. although unsure who you have checked on for additional satchel options but rates seem reasonable.

2. It doesnt bother me, the condition i would put on it is the size of the item being ordered and not the cost of the item. EG. you order a pillow, weighs bugger all but size makes it expensive to ship – all this must sound familiar to you as you personally when through this exact exercise organising your stuff to come across from China – let me ask you how did you feel, and after explanation then how did you feel? Generally as long as consumer knows, and knows why etc there is generally no issue (but have you considered advertising the items at a price including AustraliaWide delivery to remove this problem?)

3. Personally, and you appear to have mentioned it in OP, i would always send a gift box inside a box to maintain the integrity of the ‘gift box’.. Because if the item arrived and was intended as a gift and the client was relying on the box to be in tact and it was damaged, this would be just as bad as the product itself getting damaged in my eyes…… I send small items that are pretty safe through AustraliaPost and yet i still place them in a protective sleeve + the cardboard box – just to be sure…

Hope i have helped in some way, cant wait til you launch and let us see all the hard work you have been doing..


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