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Thanks again, this is the info i was after- retailers with postage experience and thinking outside the box.

– I could definitely look into increase product cost to $24.95, still $5 cheaper then my main competitor and incorporate the $3 increase in postage cost. Eg offer $7.95 as opposed to $10.73

– i could look at offering free postage however then i feel like $21.95+10.73 = $32.68 at first glance could seem overpriced, i am my main target market and i would think $32.68 no way, even if it included postage haha, until i shopped around and realised it was a good buy to include postage

– GIFT BOX – yes, i would love to not have gift boxes as it would save cost of the box and also would put one set into the under 1kg category. I would still need a cardboard box to send sets in but it wouldn’t be a box in a box scenario.

I just feel for dinnerware sets you need a nice box with your logo to finalise the set, all dinnerware sets sold in stores and my competition have boxes that sets come in.

But yes unless its an actual gift it will just get thrown out again and my dinnerware sets are for more eco aware consumers so prehaps i can incorporate that into why i would not provide a box……

Is it weird though to order a dinnerware set and it just be sitting in the postage box.

Definitely the ideas i was after so THANKS again!!!!!!!

Fastway couriers was the cheapest at a 3kg bag for $10.73, so many companies postage was ridiculous such as $30-$150 to send a box. CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Its great to have somewhere and someone i can ask all my questions too as its all new to me.

When i first looked into the idea i thought, yep order from china, make a 1000% profit, the product would be the main costs but still dirt cheap. Now its shipping from China and customs etc cost a bucket load, insurance, exchange rate, website, logo, blah blah blah.

I started off wanting to sell quality natural products as cheap as possible which was around $14.95 a set to now moving to the $21.95-$24.95 range.

My product in total of start up costs/customs/shipping from china/insurance etc now are based at $7AUD a set so ill still be making a profit i just wanted people who couldn’t generally afford this type of more natural dinnerware sets to be able to afford it and for it to be realistic to have a few sets sitting around per family, like ikea plastic plates and stuff

Oh i have another question not relevant to postage so will post something soon in another area on the forum :)

Any more ideas and feedback keep them coming please, especially about the no gift box