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1911naomi, post: 210849 wrote:
Fastway couriers was the cheapest at a 3kg bag for $10.73, so many companies postage was ridiculous such as $30-$150 to send a box. CRAZY!!!!!!!!

It may be cheap, but they dont cover all areas which means you have to use 2 different services, which you can do, but i guess i dont like it for myself

Plus they had the system of different coloured labels for different areas, and you had to buyt a minimum of each type, I looked at it and figured would spend the whole day working out which lable to put where, and than you would not use many of one type so have them left sitting on the shelf.

1911naomi, post: 210849 wrote:
I just feel for dinnerware sets you need a nice box with your logo to finalise the set, all dinnerware sets sold in stores and my competition have boxes that sets come in.

But yes unless its an actual gift it will just get thrown out again and my dinnerware sets are for more eco aware consumers so prehaps i can incorporate that into why i would not provide a box……

Is it weird though to order a dinnerware set and it just be sitting in the postage box.

No it would look odd just been in the postage box, you sell the point that it is eco friendly and as such it doesnt have ten layers of wrapping like everyother product you buy, well my thought anyhow.

And I guess I often say on here don’t follow the herd, because fred does it, do I have to do it. Look at wine bottles one company stopped using corks, and everyone said how could you it is the way it is done. Now find a wine bottle with a cork. And no I dont want to start a debate on which is better.