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Ok, so none has offered from this forum has offered me 50% off delivery:)

I barely slept at all last night trying to come up with the perfect solution!

I feel at this stage i need to have a gift box or gift bag , it would just look too scabby posting out with nothing, and I’m not imaginative enough to come up with an alternative solution.

There is no way i can get the product and gift box under 500g which totally sucks so even if i didn’t have to put that in another “postal box” it would still be over the 500g mark anyway.

I looked into the calico gift bag idea but its still over 500g (in total) and costs the same as a gift box or a postal box so its really not helping at this stage.

So at this stage I’m thinking Fastway couriers have flat rate satchels, are Australia wide. They said if they put Fragile labels on the satchels the gift box and sets should be ok to go as is : “the sets in a gift box in a satchel” which would save me $$$ on the extra postage box.

My competition has e parcel so they can offer cheaper postage but their product costs more

I just have to make sure if someone buys 2 sets, size wise it can fit in a 5kg satchel and have a back up plan incase the gift boxes/sets get damaged even which fragile stickers on them.

I will also increase my costs from $21.95 a set to $24.95 a set and incorporate the $3 increase off postage to stay competitive and then later on when I’ve been sending regular packages and my delivery prices are reduced i will make the extra $3 as a profit.

This will mean someone buys a $24.95 set and it costs $7.75 in postage or 2 sets $49.90 and postage $9.95 (if it fits)

Much more reasonable.

Next question: if my gift boxes get damaged without the extra padding of a postage box where do people source the cardboard/postage boxes from? China still?