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ShellysBookkeeping, post: 210877 wrote:
When you go to register your business name, it will essentially tell you if its too similar to another registered name.
Apart from the legalities – if your business name is very similar to another have you thought about brand confusion. Also if people are searching for you, they may end up at competitors site. If competitor does dodgy work and has a bad name how will that reflect upon your business.
Choosing a business name is hard, especially when your first choice is taken.


I’m not really worried about brand confusion. I’m more worried about the legalities around it. lets say I’ve registered something like ‘example cleaning co’ and my domain name is example.com.au

would it be illegal to do the following?

– creating logo with ‘example’
– picking up the phone as ‘example’
– creating local listings with ‘example’

also would a trademark allow me to trade under that name? I’ve had a look and it doesn’t look like it has been trademarked