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NickKaro, post: 210861 wrote:
Whether it is paid into a trust or to your business “ABN”, it will still be assessable income for you personally – meaning the tax free threshold will already have been used up for your normal salary (i.e. the bonus will be taxed at your marginal rate).

If paid into super, you will lose access to it until you meet the respective withdrawal age.

Hi Nick,

Appreciate the advise mate, would you recommend I ask for it as car allowance or an equivalent? I already have a 10k car allowance which makes up the 100k salary.
Or would I be better just putting it through as base salary? Any form of direction would be appreciated.

FS Concierge, post: 210872 wrote:
Hi conork, and welcome to the forum,

I hope the info Nick provided is helpful for you, and that you enjoy being part of our community here.

Nice to meet you,

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for the warm welcome, the site looks great.