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Sejji87, post: 211105 wrote:
I agree with all the above too.

Some questions to ask yourself.

Why are you doing it?
What skills, talents, passions you have?
Can you make business ideas out of them?
Is there a market for it?
Research that market inside out and find what problems you can solve.

Once you’ve done this you should have a pretty good idea. If there is no market. Start the process 3,4,5 again until you get it :-)

Thank you very much for your answer mate!
what you are saying is true, but when I have a little money in my pocket and big dream in the head, and also while I am looking for secure business and when I arrived just 3 years ago to Australia! it is a bit hard to follow my passions!

to be honest my dream is running a pizza/fast food franchise which in my idea is the best suit to me but my budget is not enough!