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Niel, post: 211112 wrote:
when I have a little money in my pocket and big dream in the head, and also while I am looking for secure business and when I arrived just 3 years ago to Australia! it is a bit hard to follow my passions!

to be honest my dream is running a pizza/fast food franchise which in my idea is the best suit to me but my budget is not enough!

Business itself is a risk and you need to keep at it constantly to succeed. There is no shortcut unfortunately as you rightly feel.

You have 14 years experience as a electrical engineer. And now you like to follow your passion of starting your own business. Just as curiosity, could you please explain why food business? You need to be clear as to whether you are passionate about running your own business or passionate about food business. Do you have any experience working in food industry?

It would be good idea to get a part time work at a food outlet like dominos or pizzahut or a corner pizza shop to experience what it is like to run a business like that. If your interest is still there and something you can handle then you can look at sbx.com.au or cafeforsale.com.au etc to find out if there is a business for sale at your price.

Meanwhile you can also look at if you could start any business utilizing your own experience in your own industry???