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Mirella Vertigo
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Hi Robyn,

I’m not sure what kind of feedback you’re after but I’m happy to offer advice from a design perspective.

Your logo is a very low resolution. It doesn’t look professional or translate well online, and your main heading is suffocating the area around it. The body font (Georgia) lacks readability for long text on screen, especially with the heavy bolded areas — I suggest using a san serif web font such as Proxima Nova (san serif fonts don’t have the little stems on the ends of each letter). If that’s not an option, lighten the colour of the font to a dark grey and enlarge the size at least 2pt so it’s more ideal for readability. People want information quickly and the typography (plus the amount of text) you have now makes it difficult for them to scan your site for what they’re after.

There are too many similar pages and too many links in your navigation menu. Try merging pages such as “Services” and “Guarantee”, “Facts” and “How to Remove Lice”, and “Products” and “Pricing”. Again, people want information quickly, and don’t want to click around for ages looking for it.

There are some FAQs on your home page that are repeated on your “Facts” page, so avoid doubling up (and change the “Facts” navigation link to “FAQ”, it stands out more).

Your contact page is fantastic and tells me everything I need to know in one spot. It’s not necessary to have your phone number plastered on every single page.

“We know you have been itching to find us!” is one of the best slogans I’ve seen — hilarious and clever, really tickles my fancy!

I hope this helps. :)