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Hello there, I see you are using ‘vistaprint’ for your website – look I can understand people going with this, they seem like a professional business, and they are pretty easy to edit the free templates. But going with this option limits you, especially for a business. Visatprint sites are not great for search engine optimization, you will find it hard to be found online, and unless you advertise locally no one will know you are there.
The whole point of using a website is to have control over what you do, how you configure the site. You have your own domain name, which is better. If you are serious about having an online presence, I would think about moving to a WordPress content management platform (wordpress the software). But your site looks ‘O.K’ – it is the functionality that will be lacking in the back-end.
You can take my advice or not – up to you, I speak from 20 years business IT experience.