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My Guy
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I know for a fact that if you contract someone for 1 weeks work you’ll pay for 3/4 of the charge out rate.

I have seen this over the years, of how much do you charge? “$2.50 an hour”

Ok so that’s $20 a day. = $100 a week.

Then you ask “ok, what will you charge me if I was to give you 5 days worth of work”

They might say “$1.87 an hour” that’s $15 a day = $75 for the week.

So instantly you are getting a 25% discount but you are also reaching more people than you would have had you decided to just stick with a smaller budget.

To get the right advice on this kinda of idea whether its right for you or not is to have an understanding of where you are and what your goals are and sit down with an expert or someone who knows this area well enough and say do I make this decision?