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Hello, as you know I’ve recently been on the search for a freight forwarder / customs broker and it was a painful process.

Most didn’t get back to me at all, most did not come across as very helpful or friendly.

While i know it was the busiest time of the year like i said before a simple auto reply email advising that would of been more professional then not responding at all.

In the end i managed to obtain 4 quotes. out of the 4 only two actually seemed to want my business and were really helpful.

I went with the person who was there cheapest but also chose him as he was the most helpful and he got back to every enquiry of mine within a few hours.

Had it been the other way around i would most likely spend little more for the fast correspondence as i hate waiting days for replies.

Realistically there should be a 24hours turn around time for correspondence (business days of course) even if its to say ill look into this or get back to you shortly.

So yes i think there is demand for a more personalised service and also those that want to help newbies and small business and also have the patience to deal with newbies as i literally didn’t know a thing besides what i read on the forum.

Another thing that bugged me is when i asked for quotes it comes back as in a way that i actually have to work out how much its going to costs me.
I feel if i send you all the details you require (weight, dimensions and everything else that was asked) then please work out how much you will charge me and don’t make me calculate.

I can’t remember the measurements freight forwarders use for cost at the top of my head but all quotes came as –
(an example)
$500 for fist cubic meter then $150 per extra cubic meter and so forwarth
and everything was this way

Anyway thats my rant right now about right forwarders:)