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Howdy Young Lady

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, i know it was lengthy and i truly appreciate it…

Your topic is one i have personal gripes with, even from my corporate days, whereby someone is seeking advice or guidance and places a call out for help (be it email or phone call) and it takes forever to get a reply.. If at all.

This is purely common courtesy, i know sometimes we do not know what is happening in anothers life although it should be a fundamental principle if you are in a position that requires said actions.. Mostly it just comes down to lack of ownership (read care) or interest.

Although this is not really my topic, being freight forwarding, and was really about Third Party Logistics (3PL) incorporating warehousing and storage solutions, i actually really enjoy your comments about expectations.

Expectations of response times is pivotal to any role i have and will do. Many of the regulars have probably seen my replies and posts re this subject over the last few years and it is undoubtedly one of the key differences between some suppliers getting business or not.

One of our ventures is furniture, and my key strategy (although there are a few) has been the ability to be contactable and accessible at all times.. I know this goes against many peoples business guidelines of reply times and setting unrealistic expectations, although selling online be it own web site or ebay, if i can reply immediately (or within minutes) sometimes i get a sale within a few minutes of my reply simply by answering a basic question – be it freight or other. In fact, many times i have replied and shocked people with my 10pm replies and received many thank you’s for doing so.

Not patting myself on the back, just highlighting your point of replying to queries. Understanding my example is extreme, but my example also captures people on eBay that are literally looking at my product and on occasions my reply prevents them seeking an alternate or identical product from another supplier and they buy mine without going onto another ebay store :) LOVE IT!

Getting back to your point, i also value the input re cost and combining costs.. Am truly interested in seeing anyone that uses 3PL at the moment on how they would expect this to operate as its a bit like how long is a piece of string.. EG, may do 1 order this week and 100 the next, how can this equate to a fixed cost? :(

Anyways, thanks again Naomi.. Truly cant wait to see your end product once in hand, share it with us at FS so we can CELEBRATE with you.


1911naomi, post: 211002 wrote:
Hello, as you know I’ve recently been on the search for a freight forwarder / customs broker and it was a painful process.

Most didn’t get back to me at all, most did not come across as very helpful or friendly.

While i know it was the busiest time of the year like i said before a simple auto reply email advising that would of been more professional then not responding at all.

In the end i managed to obtain 4 quotes. out of the 4 only two actually seemed to want my business and were really helpful.

I went with the person who was there cheapest but also chose him as he was the most helpful and he got back to every enquiry of mine within a few hours.

Had it been the other way around i would most likely spend little more for the fast correspondence as i hate waiting days for replies.

Realistically there should be a 24hours turn around time for correspondence (business days of course) even if its to say ill look into this or get back to you shortly.

So yes i think there is demand for a more personalised service and also those that want to help newbies and small business and also have the patience to deal with newbies as i literally didn’t know a thing besides what i read on the forum.

Another thing that bugged me is when i asked for quotes it comes back as in a way that i actually have to work out how much its going to costs me.
I feel if i send you all the details you require (weight, dimensions and everything else that was asked) then please work out how much you will charge me and don’t make me calculate.

I can’t remember the measurements freight forwarders use for cost at the top of my head but all quotes came as –
(an example)
$500 for fist cubic meter then $150 per extra cubic meter and so forwarth
and everything was this way

Anyway thats my rant right now about right forwarders:)

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