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1911naomi, post: 211021 wrote:
Once its explained fair enough, but how am i supposed to know that unless its explained to me or i go through a situation like that.

I didn’t know why they quoted that way and it just bugged me

Hey Naomi

Yeah i hear you re all these uncertainties although it is just a part and parcel of freight.. If you read through the posts as such the most common input received about getting or locating a freight forwarder always comes down to locating someone you can trust.

Reasons behind this, especially sea freight, is that there are so many variable line inputs on invoices which include:
– duties
– taxes
– line entry fees (admin)
– port charges
– etc etc

and the way in which they allocate this is old school and allows for seasonal, weight and even size fluctuations as Johny mentioned.

This is why no-one ever quotes a ‘complete’ price and this personally took me a long time to get my head around initially as well until i found the right person to deal with :)


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