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Johny, post: 211018 wrote:
I know is not the topic of the discussion but I’ll answer this one

This is a general conversation between person and their forwarder:-

Customer: I have a shipment which is 10 boxes at 20 x 20 x 20cm, GW 10kg per box.

Forwarder: That will be $X

Shipment arrives from the factory to the forwarder and the actual details are 10boxes at 25 x 25 x 25cm, GW 15kg per box

Forwarder: As the details had to be amended the price has been adjusted to $Y.

Customer: Hey, you told me this was the price. You cheater! You are all the same ripping off us poor people. How do you sleep at night.

Forwarder: That’s why we provide you the terms and you can work it out yourself.

Johny, I understand your reasoning, but by the same token it is just as easy to say for the pakages as outlined in your request the total would be $XXXXX, but if on pickup or arrival the consignment is different, we will advise a revised quote.

Than you can justify a different quote.

I don’t nomally do phone quotes but on the occasions I have that is the approach I use, and it works ok. If we tell the client up front that our quote is based on information provided.

I just feel like Naomi said its better to give an all up price with the option of variation