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Johny, I understand your reasoning, but by the same token it is just as easy to say for the pakages as outlined in your request the total would be $XXXXX, but if on pickup or arrival the consignment is different, we will advise a revised quote.

I don’t disagree. But everything is good in theory and a lot of these processes have been developed over time because of actual circumstances.

What one person does or what one person thinks is irrelevent. What many people do develops a trend and that’s how things develop.

And I personally don’t have a problem with how this has developed. The reason I think that way is because the person buying the stuff should have an understanding of how these things are calculated. How else can they determine their REAL costs and be able to quantify WHY this forwarder may bet better to use, or that one may be a better option.

And as Jason pointed out, there are so many variables and ways in which the costings can change.

It is my experience, that when it comes to sourcing and costings, people just don’t like it when there are changes. They can even tend to get nasty about it. And changes are not uncommon.

I cannot remember the last time someone said to me “Hey Johny, no problem, happy to pay that extra cost “. Usually it is ‘You told me this, I expect you to honour it.”

Of course it would be great to just get one all in price, all I have mentioned is why it is often not done that way and why it is not necessarily practical to do it.