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TheGoldenGoose, post: 211007 wrote:

I love reading stories of strong beautiful women winning in business – it’s empowering and inspiring!

Who are you targeting in your business? Who are you speaking to? Who’s your dream customer?

How do you want them to walk away feeling?

I would say that I am targeting more of a female audience from about 20 up. I hope that a broader audience would take advantage of the gift packs that I will be producing. It should make men’s lives a little easier when it comes to buying gifts for the ladies in their lives! I am sure that will just come with time, hard work and clever marketing.

I would like them to walk away feeling like they did a good deed by shopping in my shop. They contributed to a cause, they supported Aussie made/designed or Fair trade which is all a big part of my shop. I believe in all these things and my shop will reflect this.

I would like them to walk away feeling like they are bringing home something to make their lives a little more relaxing (the point of difference with my shop is that it is all about “island living”). I am having different “collections” each named after an island or area of islands around the world that reflect their unique styles. Even if it’s just a coconut candle made by an Aussie company. I hope it helps them escape even for a minute.