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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi Alimay,

You’ve said yourself that “us” doesn’t feel right. I’d go with “I” and use the same compass to guide you whenever you talk about your business – being more truthful is the way to being more authentic.

If you still want to speak about your company as “us”, you could always start your About page with “A personal message from our director” or similar.

If you’re willing to be transparent that you are a company of one, however, this can be a positive too:
1) Easier to be authentic (you’re not having to pretend you’re something you’re not).
2) There are genuine advantages you can offer as a 1 person business that a company can’t. Especially since you’ve stated you want your business to have a personal touch. Examples:
-Each item is hand-made or chosen by you personally (or passes your strict personal standards).
-You put your name, face, identity behind your products builds a lot of trust because you’re making yourself personally accountable.
-This accountability might work well with a strong and dependable returns policy.
-Things like – “your order will be personally posted by me on the day you order”.

So you could in fact put a personal touch throughout each part of your business, if you choose to go by that route.

Good luck!