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Alimay, post: 210995 wrote:
I am in the process of writing about my business on my web page. The reality is that I am doing this because I have had a lot of personal tragedy in my life and I am now of the opinion that its time to do something for me and what do I have to lose? So I am giving it a go.
I am a one woman band and I want to give my business the personal touch. Obviously I don’t want to share my life story but I am supporting charities that have helped me in the past with a percentage of each sale. That is something that is personally important to me.
I know a lot of people say to use the term “us” as it is more professional and makes a business seem larger than it is.
When writing “us” in my about us page it just doesn’t feel right.
Can I please get opinions as to what you would think if you saw my very professional website but found out that I was one person doing this for personal reasons? I would like to say “I have chosen these charities because they are close to my heart”. Rather than the less personal “we are donating 5% to support these charities”
Any and all opinions and advise is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

There’s an article in Flying Solo’s home page today talking on this topic.


It has some pretty good tips that you can have a look at.