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1911naomi, post: 210999 wrote:
Im starting a small online business store ( i sound like a broken record)

My main target market will be viewing & purchasing my website from their mobile phones.

Is a mobile website a must?

My website is not launched but i can view it and it seems to work fine on the mobile? still user friendly.

Hey mate,

The trend is definitely moving towards hand held mobile devices. If I ask myself, I don’t usually shop a lot online (compared to a lot of people in my age group). But I wouldn’t say that I don’t browse for goods on my phone. Which I then email myself to purchase later if I want on my desktop computer where I feel safe.

There are frameworks available nowadays that are mobile friendly which scale and adjust their structure depending on the device they are serving (Bootstrap, Foundation) are a couple of examples.

If you’re using a CMS like Shopify, Zen Cart to name a few, there are themes developed by people which are also mobile friendly. So I’d say it’s a good idea ot have a mobile friendly online store. Plus, you’ve mentioned in your question that you already know your target market is going to be on their phones while purchasing your products. So focusing on the purchasing experience, getting feedback from mobile users must be a priority.

Good luck.