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1911naomi, post: 210999 wrote:
Im starting a small online business store ( i sound like a broken record)

My main target market will be viewing & purchasing my website from their mobile phones.

Is a mobile website a must?

My website is not launched but i can view it and it seems to work fine on the mobile? still user friendly.

Hi Naomi,

It always depends on your product and your target audience, but mobile browsing and purchasing is definitely the direction the world is heading in. You may want to research “responsive web design”. Google has also flagged that responsive website are their preferred design i.e. having a single website (not a desktop version and also a tablet and/or mobile version). Responsive web design at its basic means that the look and feel of your website adapts to the screen size (browser dimensions) that it is being viewed on. So the same website should look great on a desktop and look great on a mobile, although the layout may change depending on the device in use.

Hope this helps put you on the right track.