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I notice no-body has really answered your question – is a mobile site really ‘a must’?
There are several schools of thought about this, certainly responsive design can service mobile devices–BUT–depending on the overall design of your website a mobile user may not be able to navigate the essential areas of your site to access purchasing, calls to action, and similar features as readily -so a mobile version of your website is still a sensible, and convenient thing to offer your visitors and potential customers/clients – they can then very easily go to critical areas on your site without needing to flick through . For my clients I am finding many opt for the mobile additional site, which at around 300 dollars is pretty economic and pays for itself very quickly indeed. Of course if you choose an ‘App’ version of your site you then have a permanent presence on your customer’s phone, they can call you up and accomplish the necessary directly from their menu – which is a fantastic feature.