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guncoder, post: 211067 wrote:
So after a long time procrastinating I finally put up a first version of my website the other day.


I was hoping someone could give me their impression my business, and what it does based on the website.

Is it clear enough?
Is there enough information there?
If you found this site from a search, would it be enough to hold your attention?

The scope of work I want to do is fairly narrow, developing software to help business, so I’m hoping I can start some conversations with this. Really I want to people to be contacting me even if they aren’t sure what sort of software they want yet.


overall the website looks professional. Here are some comments:

The slider images are cool. They show off your personality and instantly builds trust. However i think the taglines are not great. They seem like they’re really broad. It would be better if they were more specific to what you do. Like “custom software, automate your most common tasks”. You get the idea :)

I feel like if the home page is the first thing your visitros sees, you need to convince them then and there why to chose you. Including benefits your service will bring, will help. Like what will be the positive results of your services.

Another comment is that from experience a call to action saying call for a free consultation is not ideal. Generally it’s better to capture the visitors email and get back to them. You want to be the person to make the big step and reach out to prospects via phone. A popular strategy is to offer a lead magnet, which is typically, a high value information product. Like ebooks, cheatsheets, courses and information packs. Here is a good starting point on customer acquisition http://www.digitalmarketer.com/customer-value-optimization/

Finally, seeing you are running the site on wordpress, I would definitely add a blog. Writing good articles with your target keywords is proven and the most effective way to rank higher on google, but also an awesome way to bring in prospects.

Hope that help :)