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robertvoy, post: 211069 wrote:
I feel like if the home page is the first thing your visitros sees, you need to convince them then and there why to chose you. Including benefits your service will bring, will help. Like what will be the positive results of your services.


… like Robert said, it lacks of that big attention area on top of the page and also try building more interest and desire in your pages visitors. Personally I would change the design littlebit, as you’re working as a coder and seeing your page makes me thinking that it’s put up very fast and without proper polishing. I would suggest you to check out some of your competitors websites and you’ll probably see what I mean. The most important of a website is content, you have that BUT as you’re working in this area people wait a nicer looking page from you as well.

Overall content on your website is enough besides the texts on the first page but you could use a more polished professional design :)