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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi There,

I’m not a huge fan of slider images. I don’t think they provide much benefit to the website and services you’re offering. They’re also unclear and pixelated due to the widescreen stretching. The colours chosen also don’t tend to match with the brand.

I would start off with a better catchphrase in the top part of the screen to explain your business quickly “Creative programming to automate and solve business problems”. That’s not great but something along those lines.

You’re about page is clever but make sure you don’t offend potential customers with the message your sending about not necessarily enjoying your final days working for big business. I’m sure you’d be happy to work with those businesses again at 250ph instead.

The services pages are fairly wordy and I’d look at breaking this content out into subheadings rather than force people to read the whole page.

Other than that
call to actions larger
phone number larger
add a contact form for people that don’t want to email your directly

Good luck with your website and business