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Cool name, I’m suprised it was still available. If you’re looking for this to be long term I would register the .com.au also. But to be blunt the website looks bad. Different style fonts and colours on every page is wrong. I don’t think it looks professional at all, but I do like that you have put your face and name on it which is what does make it look a bit more trustworthy. I think it might be a better investment if you were to just buy a template from templatemonster.

This is something I am working on shortly, but this template I bought for $50 or something http://www.reclaim.com.au/. Then you just need to update the text and pictures. It’s the same type of layout to yours.

If you want to stick with what you have, I almost think if you had ALL the information on the front index page it might work better. So with the menu links, it will just scroll you down the page to the relevant section.