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I have to disagree with Robertvoy, as the client I want the decision on when I contact you, not that I send you my contact details and you could ring me when I am at a job, or shopping or any other thing. I want to call you when I am ready, have everything in front of me and in software or website devleopment mode, rather than in school pickup mode.

As for the website, look at it from you been the client, if you saw your website would you employ you. Strange way of looking at it, but that is your first contact with a client, do you jumo out at them or do you turn them off with your website layout or sales pitch.

love your about us (ie working from the kitchen table,etc”). BUT, dont like your comments about big corporates. Totally agree with the sentiment having been there done that, I i will freely say it to friends relatives, the neighbours cat. But as a potential client if you are going to run down another organisation that you have worked for what are you going to say about my business. If it was me, drop it. Positive Postive Positive