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Lkay, post: 211096 wrote:
Hi all!

I’ve never done anything with referrals before. I’ve been driving a bit of traffic to my site lately.

I was wondering if there was a way I could setup some sort of CPC system. Forgive me, because I’m new to this and the terminology I’ll have to explain what I would like in crude detail.

So, what I was hoping to setup is a system where a customer gives me a website that they want traffic driven to – unique organic relevant traffic (no black hat stuff). But I wanted to be able to track each visit through my own gateway and calculate the monthly visitors and apply the fee to each.

For instance; Website A wants traffic. I take on Website A as a client. I, somehow, setup a gateway link that directs the audience to website A. I then check out a table that updates frequently and see how many visitors went through the gateway. I would then apply the fee to each visitor of $0.xyz

If there was anyone in here that could shed some light on this, then I would be extremely appreciative to hear what they have to say. Thank you for your time in advance :)

Hi {insert name here}

Welcome to the forums. Although I have no direct answer for you, I am extremely curious if it is related to the web site in your signature?

Cheers and look forward to learning more about your journey and you.


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