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Brad Turville
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Hey Mav,

I must say, your subject line reeled me in! :)
Firstly, congratulations on taking the plunge into full time small business. It is a big and bold move and should be applauded.

I guess for you and your wife, it comes down to the value you are getting out of the relationship. Think of accounting fees like marketing, its more of an investment and from that investment you should be getting a return. You know in your gut if its right or not.

Now this is sometimes tangible (like more revenue and more time) but also intangible, like knowing someone has your back or being able to sleep easy at night.

It sounds like your current relationship with your accountant is one directional which is common, unfortunately, and not aligned as a strategic partner with you.

My advice is that you are only as good as the team around you, so make sure you’ve got the right people on the bus.