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To import (real) Disney products from a manufacturer, they need to have completed an audit to make the goods and you need to be authorized by Disney to import them. But as I said, these manufacturers will not deal in the quantities you are looking for.

I would think there would already be several Australian importers who import Disney products. I do know that different importers may only be allowed to import certain products. For example I have dealt with a company that can import ceramic stuff like coffee mugs but not other things. And I would be pretty sure the “party supplies” range is already being done.

I would also be pretty sure they aren’t going to be interested in someone buying what is essentially a few products to become an importer, although happy to be proven wrong. Part of that is protecting their existing partners.

That leaves two other options.

1. Buying from overseas wholesalers. I have no idea what restrictions there are on importing ready made products from an OS wholesaler (that would be akin to parallel trading), and you would need to find out. But I am almost completely sure you will not find a legitimate wholesaler of these on Alibaba / Aliexpress.

2. Buying from an Australian based wholesaler who can and has already imported the goods.