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Hi ImportOz

Gotta say this post appears to have taken a turn for the worst, even though all answers are related to the OP’s question with some great advice provided by forum regular. Little bit dumb founded to be honest.

OP queries getting party goods from alibaba and wanting to deal with companies that produce said goods being Disney. Mind you, i can understand OP wanting to use Disney products as you get immediate credibility and affiliation of brands as well as having kids that say “i want i want” when they see said items.. Inbuilt tag along marketing, sweet :)

If i can provide some advice, not sure how weighty it is, although i would follow Johny’s comments and understand that the quantities you are talking about will be very difficult to acquire products from licensed manufacturers. Many reasons for this, primarily will be volume although main reason is that you do not hold the LICENSE to sell this product. Companies in each respective trade zone pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions, just to have the right to manufacture (after exhaustive testing etc etc and approvals required by Disney eg).

To answer your question about how to become licensed, ouch, deep pockets is the answer for this one.. Its a license to print money and needs a print factory printing money to start. Dont be disheartened as you may just be asking the wrong question, maybe as Johny says you just need top locate a local wholesaler of these items. Yes the margins will be less and your profit will diminish, although you are also not investing MILLIONS into becoming a license holder which, realistically, is near impossible to achieve fora start up as such.

The post by Michael adds some variables about buying from eBay etc and looking at different branding other than Disney, although if you are after appeal and want brand recognition i certainly understand you asking for Disney items :) What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldnt want a Buzz Light Year Party :)

You could certainly, potentially, find an unscrupulous Gold Level seller on alibaba selling dodgy non official Disney products and that may suit your purpose. Although highly unlikely for the quantities you are discussing, and this is from moi who has a little hands on importing experience and backed by Johnys extensive sourcing expertise.ANd please note, just because a company is GOLD LEVEL on alibaba, do not trust them implicitly – Due diligence is paramount..

Back to what inspired this reply, i am truly curious if the term ‘xenophobe’ was being used for Johny.. Personally, i would deem that quite a derogatory statement and considering his replies were on point to the OP’s question, unsure why this word would be used and phrased as it was…

Anyways OP, sounds like a little out of the box thinking may be required to obtain items locally to keep it cost effective and practical initially, well until you make your first millions that is :D


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